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How to Speed Clean Your Home for Visitors

As much as you want your home to be in pristine condition when people visit, sometimes it isn’t an option. Life happens and there’s just no way to have a perfect house all the time. So, first things first: forgive yourself for letting the mess get out of hand. Second, get down to business and clean what you can!

Narrow Your Focus
If you have a time frame of when your visitors are coming, you’ll be able to figure out what you have time for and what to worry about later. Remember, your guests will be enjoying your company, so they probably won’t notice the messes like you do.

Narrow your focus and only clean rooms that you know your guests will be in. In my house, this is usually the kitchen, dining room, and bathroom (sometimes the family room). Guests usually don’t see bedrooms, laundry room, dens, etc., so don’t worry about those rooms.

Clean the Bathroom First
The bathroom is the most important area to keep clean if you have guests, so start there first. Start with the toilet and the mirror. If you have time, wipe down all the counters and sink.

Put Things Away
Grab a laundry basket and go through each room that has items that need “putting away.” You don’t have to actually put these items away just yet, just gather them and get them out of the main entertaining rooms. Yes, I’m giving you permission to “hide” your mess in another room of the house! Even if you don’t clean everything, you can give the illusion that it is clean! Clear your counters and stack magazines to create this illusion.

Dust and Vacuum
You don’t have to move the furniture, just vacuum (or sweep) in areas of high traffic. Use a damp cloth to gather dust without raising particles into the air.

Work On Something Else While Cleaners Sit
Cleaners work best when they have time to sit, but since you don’t have time, you may have to wipe up the products right away. If you want to let cleaner sit, start on another room and then come back to wipe down the cleaner.
Hopefully these tips will help you make a presentable home before your guests come. Again, most people don’t care, and if they are offended by your mess, they probably aren’t friends you want to have anyway!

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