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Carpet Cleaning FAQs Part 2

Our first discussion did not even scratch the surface of the common questions that stumps men and women about their carpet cleaning so we decided to add to our first article.

Can vacuuming excessively harm my carpet? No, in fact some experts claim that daily vacuum cleaning can help keep the carpet looking fresh longer.

There are many kinds of professional carpet cleaning, which is the most advisable and who do I call? For most carpet cleaning services the hot water extraction method is the most common, although other methods like dry foam powder, rotary shampoo and bonnet cleaning are also good.

If I buy a steam carpet cleaning machine and use that, do I still need to have my carpet professionally cleaned? Yes you still need to, what steam cleaning carpet machines do is it prolongs the time between professional cleaning plus your carpet is cleaner between professional cleaning appointments.

My carpet is treated with stain retardants, will cleaning products or solvents damage the retardents? Some types can harm it or fade carpet colors so it is best to check the chemical on a non-conspicious spot first.

Are more expensive equipment when it comes to carpet cleaning better than cheaper ones? Not necessarily, the best piece of equipment for your carpet depends on the features your carpet will need and not the price. Some vacuums have special attachments that some types of carpets need but others don’t so choose wisely.

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