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2 Basic Carpet Cleaning Tips to Simplify your Life

In life we all want to simplify matters. Due to the fast pace of our modern lifestyles we are forever trying to organize our life and cut corners to make more time for the important moments like spending time with our family. In carpet cleaning it is actually the simple steps that can make a great deal of difference and save a lot of time and money as well.

One of the simplest and to me an action that can make a substantial difference in a carpet’s cleanliness is the use of door mats. It may seem incredibly silly to some but it does work beautifully. Make sure to use two door mats per entrance to your home. One mat has to be placed just outside the door; this one needs to be coarser in order to scrape of the soil, dust or mud from shoes. Another mat has to placed just inside the door, this has to be more absorbent as it is there to attract finer particles as well as moisture. These two working together will definitely keep your carpets cleaner as most of the dirt and grime will not make in onto the carpet fibers at all. Also keep the mats clean otherwise they won’t be effective.

Our next tip is for you to vacuum twice a week. I have often observed that embedded dirt takes longer to vacuum. I would need to pass that particular area around 4 times and from different directions just to first loosen the dirt and ultimately whisk it into the vacuum cleaner. If I am able to vacuum more frequently the dirt would not have become too embedded and vacuuming becomes quicker and easier.

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